I’ve been tagged !! woohooo !!

To begin with: 6 random/weird facts about myself :-

1 – I sometimes voluntarily roll off my bed in the morning to wake myself up. It’s the most effective way of waking up when I’m half asleep and I know that if I lie down for a minute more I’d be completely asleep and I know I would rather be awake. Sitting up is to hard, unless I really have a reason to wake up in the morning, which I rarely do anymore. Falling on the cold hard floor always wakes me up.

2 – I used to try to take the same number of left and right turns. It’s not as hard as it may sound, you just have to keep count and not let the total be than a few full revolutions in either direction.
Why?, because otherwise it’s not fair to the other side.
This is why i would hate marching practise, apart from it’s sheer pointlessness. An about turn is always on the left (I think) and hence, by the end of it, there’s always a lot more left turns than right turns.

3 – I once threw a book at a teacher in junior kindergarden. If i remember correctly, she promised to finish off after completing some chapter, or paragraph, or something of the sort, but just kept going even after she was done with it. That’s when she got hit by a notebook. I also remember that i was sitting on the 2nd bench from the front and maybe the 2nd or 3rd from the right. The door was on the front left. Don’t ask me why that’s important.

4 – The pair of jeans I’m wearing hasn’t been washed since sometime in september, before i-rock XX. I should say that I’ve worn them less than 12 times since, before you make any assumptions.

5 – I believe I could survive a fall at terminal velocity, onto a car or something.

6 – I can type a lot faster than I can write.

Now I’m supposed to tag 6 people. I wouldn’t know who to tag because everyone has apparently already been tagged. I will find people to tag, and tag them later. … I swear I will.

In any case, the rules are :-

1) Start with six random/weird facts about yourself

2) Tag six people who now have to write six random facts about themselves, as well as clearly posting these rules.

3) Make sure to post the names of six people at the end of the post

4) Leave the six tagged people a comment on their website telling them that they are tagged, and to go to your website for the rules/information.

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