Talking to myself


hey, it’s been a while.

yeah, where’ve you been?

around.. but I guess I’m back now.

how come?

I don’t know, you got me here.

yeah, I guess.


I hate myself.


all of you.

well, that’s just you.

I know.

is there anything I know that you don’t?

I don’t think so.

then I know you know, you don’t have to say so.


. …

I missed you.

I thought you hated me.

yeah, but that’s just me.

so, now, why all this hatred?

dissatisfaction, I guess.

why’d you pick me to talk to about it?

its one of the things you’re there for.



free will sucks.


I was hoping for you to elaborate on that, it’s more your thing.

sure .. well, it isn’t really imaginable living without it.

and always doing the smart thing, or the right thing kinda limits your free will anyway.

now you’re getting somewhere.

I’m not really sure what I meant by that.

me neither.

that goes without saying.


the whole you knowing what I know thing, remember?


in any case, if you don’t want free will, I could always tell you what to do.

no you cant.

and why not?

because you can’t decide what to do, that’s up to me, and you cant really tell me anything because you’re limited to what you do.

hmm.., never really thought of it that way.

thank you.


so anyway, as I was saying, free will doesn’t really suck, and it’s gonna be there whether you chose to believe that it’s real, or an illusion.


you can believe it doesn’t exist you know. that makes it as good as it not being there.

not really. it doesn’t make a difference to me.

hmm, you got a point. but it would make a difference to other people.

let’s talk about me, alright?


so, go on.

you misuse it.

free will?


that doesn’t even make sense.

you overuse it. you should just do a few things blindly without thinking so much. stick to decisions already made.

okay, that kinda makes sense.

in other words, limit your free will .. since you hate it so much. everyone thinks they know what to do, they think they know what you should do, you know what they think you should do, jeez, you even think you know what you should do. that is, until you start doing it. why don’t you just do it?

….see, this is why I make you do this job.

I’m not done.

go on, then.

you may agree with me now, but tomorrow you’re gonna forget all about it, because you can’t stick to a decision, as I just said.

I always thought not being able to stick to a decision was better than sticking stubbornly to one.

you can overdo both. and stop digressing.

fine, you talk.

its not like I’m asking you to shut up, but let’s get this over with.

alright, alright, go on.

so, what are you gonna do to make sure you don’t change your mind tomorrow?

I am not gonna change my mind tomorrow.

that’s the best you can do?

you got a better idea?

guess not.



I’m really sleepy.

fine, goodnight.

I’ll be .. around.

nice to know.



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