The consequence of inaction

Theres times when everything seems wrong. Not wrong particularly, but like your life is spiralling out of control. and you have no clarity on what you should be doing. Days go by like cars on a highway and every hour that passes makes it more certain that every constituent of your current life will fall apart.
I still don’t bother too much. I’m waiting for answers to fall from the sky. They don’t. only raindrops do. Clarity won’t come to greet me along with the sunlight the next morning. I’m not afraid of it all falling apart though, at least i know that much. On the other hand, fear might solve the problem. I never used to question things so much. The truth is, I need to get up and get going. The only burden i feel is of the consequence of inaction.

I hate knowing a day before it starts.

I’m done talking about me.
We’re all falling through time, eventually to hit the bottom. Doesn’t anyone feel helpless?
Take a deep breath. Exhale. There goes a part of you that you aren’t gonna see again.


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