Things I didn’t do this year

Play for a band on stage

  • Sleep for less than 7 hours a day on an average. (I think I did 9 hours)
  • Listen to enough new music and fall in love with it
  • Register to vote (yet)
  • Teach 11th and 12th standard physics
  • Get a job
  • Get my camera fixed
  • Stand up for something I believe in and see it through
  • Read more than 5 books
  • Ride a bicycle to Pune
  • Go on a road trip
  • Score well in exams
  • Get drunk on really expensive alcohol
  • On the other hand, here are some things I did this year:

    • Write a short story people acknowledge to be good.
    • Earn some money for myself
    • Get my driver’s license
    • Try to do something really big without any formal support
    • Make enough trips out of the city
    • Go for a trek
    • Cry
    • Kiss a girl
    • Get some direction in life
    • Stay up all night long and watch the sun rise
    • Steal a road sign
    • Walk in the rain
    • Eat sushi

    This doesn’t seem like that bad a year after all. It was just far less fun than the few years before it.

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