Day 7: Settling in

Good Evening,

It’s 10:32pm, but I can’t really start a blog post with ‘Good Night,’ can I? I don’t feel the least bit articulate right now but I will at least provide you with the pictures for the previous blog post.

Large clean sidewalks. Notice Guitar Center on the left. It’s an awesomely large guitar store.

“No Horn Honking. $350 Fine.”

Beautiful Buildings.


I really, really have a lot to say and a lot has happened since I’ve come to New York and I’d love to tell you about all the places I went and show you pictures and tell you what I thought about it but I think my brain stops working after 11pm around here. It’s been a whole week that I’ve been here and I’m settling into a routine here. The problem with routines is that they make life monotonous and boring. The problem without routines is that I never seem to have enough time to get everything done. I stayed at home all day today, it being sunday and all. By staying at home, I missed out on this topless women’s equality protest parade and who knows what else. There’s way too many things happening in this city and I can’t possibly go for all of them. At the moment, I feel like staying at home for the next two days but unfortunately I can’t do that because I have to go to work. I guess I need time to myself as well. Time to organise myself, to watch TV and maybe even read a few books. That’s the problem, you see, I’ve been hyperactive since I got here and I can’t last like that for more than a week. I was at times square yesterday but after about an hour and a half there what I really wanted to do was come back home and chill! Three months is a very long time, and yes, I probably won’t get to do everything that I want to over here but in order to enjoy whatever little I manage to do here I need to do it at my own pace, which is going to be the same pace that I lived my life in Bombay at.

So for better or for worse, I’m sinking into a routine here. I’ll tell you more about New York itself the next time. I’ll try to do this as soon as I get back from work tomorrow. Good night. I’d wish you a happy Monday, but we all know that those come around as often as once a year so I’m going to be realistic and wish you a not-so-bad-Monday.


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