Blogging Frequency ∝ 1/(Social Interactions)

The frequency with which I update the blog is inversely proportional to the amount I talk to real people. I guess I have a need to express myself every now and then and when there are no people to talk to, it all comes out here. I really do want to blog more and I’m willing to go to the extent of going out and meeting people less often in order to make that happen. There’s also the fact that I’ve not been able to finish work as quickly as I should be because I just don’t work enough hours a week, but that can be tackled in other ways. Restricting social activities to the weekends ought to build up enough expressive-frustration to make me blog more often. Does that sound like a plan?

It’s worth noting that in my last post I was trying to find ways to meet more new people. I guess there’s a time and a phase for everything. Too much of anything is a bad thing right?

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