What I miss most about blogging often

Blogging, if I do it often enough, is more than just sitting down for half an hour, churning out a few thoughts and putting some words together. When I have nothing to write about it’s because I haven’t been looking for something to write about through the day. Even if I come across something worth writing about I won’t think about it for long enough. If the thought’s lucky it might get told to a few friends over a few drinks otherwise it’s just forgotten.

I usually write about moments, and about feelings. I like making everyday things sound more magical than they usually seem to be. I like making you feel that these everyday things are magical too. So I talk about things like the behaviour of stray dogs to make you think about unconditional love and I compare girls drawing comic books in moving trains to superheroes.

When I blog often, I look for these things all the time. What I miss most about not blogging often, is that I hardly see these things anymore. I don’t see superheroes and I don’t see a different city when I get out late at night. When I don’t blog often, my life is that much more dull. When I don’t look at stories with the intention of telling you, the stories are never worth telling.

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