Birthday Wishlist

A couple of people have asked me what I want for my birthday so I thought I’ll make a list and put it up here the way this stranger on the internet always does. Here’s a list of a few very affordable things that I would like gifted.

  • Dunlop .50 mm plectrums.
  • Decent electric guitar strings.
  • Vietnamese coffee. (I have decided I will settle for any good filter coffee)
  • A Bacardi Breezer. (To be consumed on my birthday, of course.)
  • Your favorite album (that I don’t already love. [This applies to everyone reading this post. Everyone must at least give me this. Online listening links will be accepted.])
  • This, or something like it:
  • A (good) Guy Fawkes mask.
  • A can of spray paint
  • A book. (literary fiction / modern science fiction / music theory / guitar / an autobiography of someone I’ll really like)


Please note that this list is only suggestive and items from outside this list will also be gladly¬†accepted. This is just to get you thinking in the right direction. If you’re too broke to afford any of these things then other non-material things will also be accepted. Such as hugs, love, and company to dance in the rain with. (“Happy Birthday” wishes on the other hand, are quite worthless. Please do more than that.) On the same note, don’t feel restricted to get only one of these things, multiple gifts will also be accepted. In fact, the first two suggestions come nicely as a pair.

Expectantly yours,

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