What I miss most about blogging often

Blogging, if I do it often enough, is more than just sitting down for half an hour, churning out a few thoughts and putting some words together. When I have nothing to write about it’s because I haven’t been looking for something to write about through the day. Even if I come across something worth writing about I won’t think about it for long enough. If the thought’s lucky it might get told to a few friends over a few drinks otherwise it’s just forgotten.

I usually write about moments, and about feelings. I like making everyday things sound more magical than they usually seem to be. I like making you feel that these everyday things are magical too. So I talk about things like the behaviour of stray dogs to make you think about unconditional love and I compare girls drawing comic books in moving trains to superheroes.

When I blog often, I look for these things all the time. What I miss most about not blogging often, is that I hardly see these things anymore. I don’t see superheroes and I don’t see a different city when I get out late at night. When I don’t blog often, my life is that much more dull. When I don’t look at stories with the intention of telling you, the stories are never worth telling.

Blogging Frequency ∝ 1/(Social Interactions)

The frequency with which I update the blog is inversely proportional to the amount I talk to real people. I guess I have a need to express myself every now and then and when there are no people to talk to, it all comes out here. I really do want to blog more and I’m willing to go to the extent of going out and meeting people less often in order to make that happen. There’s also the fact that I’ve not been able to finish work as quickly as I should be because I just don’t work enough hours a week, but that can be tackled in other ways. Restricting social activities to the weekends ought to build up enough expressive-frustration to make me blog more often. Does that sound like a plan?

It’s worth noting that in my last post I was trying to find ways to meet more new people. I guess there’s a time and a phase for everything. Too much of anything is a bad thing right?


I haven’t been here for a while. The main reason is that I’ve been trying to make songs. And I don’t feel like writing blog entries after writing songs. It’s all about expressing creativity, if you ask me. My primary motivation for ever posting anything here is to express creativity. When this creativity has other outlets I no longer need to post here anymore. But I’m here now, just to let this blog know that it’s not forgotten about.

About the songs that I’ve written, I could post the lyrics here but I’d rather post the songs themselves once I have a good recording of them along with the lyrics so you’ll just have to wait. About the rest of my life of late, I’m tired. I have hardly ever slept over 8 hours a night and this is a good thing. It’s just that I’m tired. It isn’t easy to try to do everything you want to do along with a full time job. But its torture to not do everything I want. The story of my life is desperately lacking some romance at the moment, but that it has been for a very long time. At least there’s enough of everything else going around. There are times when I feel that if my life was a book, the reader would definitely have stopped reading by this point. This is not one of those. What I really want to do is write something. A short story, a fictional blog, anything more that a song and a blog post like this one. Unfortunately, the only thing my mind is willing to do at the moment is sleep

But I will write something soon, and you’ll be the first to know. Until then, good night.

I tried

I know that I was supposed to write something once a week on this blog, but I just couldn’t. I promise you, dear reader, that I tried. I carried around that notebook, and wrote quite a bit of crap in it, but you would probably enjoy it as much as Vogan poetry. So I will hold out until I write something that’s really worth anything before I post it here. I just thought I should let you know. I also think it’s really pathetic that I can’t write anything anymore, but hopefully *crosses fingers* that will get better with time.

Good night.

A beginning

I will post here a lot more often. And i mean a LOT more often. That still may not say much, given that I currently write something here less than twice a year, so let me put it this way. I will post here at least once a week. Because I’ve found that small things like writing something every once in a while keep me happy, even if nobody ever reads these things. I will also do other cool things like tag my posts, make my blog look cooler, and such. This, dear Blog, is to show my commitment to you. I have also decided that this blog will not have a theme, it will be random as ever.

So this post marks a new beginning to this blog, and you, dear Reader (if you’re out there), can remind me from time to time that I need to post here more often.

That’s all for now because, unfortunately, I have to get to work.