A beginning

I will post here a lot more often. And i mean a LOT more often. That still may not say much, given that I currently write something here less than twice a year, so let me put it this way. I will post here at least once a week. Because I’ve found that small things like writing something every once in a while keep me happy, even if nobody ever reads these things. I will also do other cool things like tag my posts, make my blog look cooler, and such. This, dear Blog, is to show my commitment to you. I have also decided that this blog will not have a theme, it will be random as ever.

So this post marks a new beginning to this blog, and you, dear Reader (if you’re out there), can remind me from time to time that I need to post here more often.

That’s all for now because, unfortunately, I have to get to work.

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