Day 14: One-sixth

I can’t get sleep tonight, which sucks because I have to get up in less than 8 hours to go to work tomorrow and I slept only around 4 hours last night. There’s never enough time to sleep. Today makes it two weeks that I’ve been here, which means one-sixth of my time here is done. One-sixth isn’t that much, but it’s gone by so fast. There’s never enough time to do everything you want and there’s never enough time to do enough nothing either. I’ve started making friends here. Making friends is really easy but it’s a really long process. I wish I could speed it up because I know I don’t have that much time here; by the time I’ll know people well, it’ll be time to leave and (mostly) never see them again. It’s a little depressing. I don’t know what else to tell you… I wish I could just sleep. I’m anxious for some reason. All I can think of is all these things that I want to do and I wish I could just spend the day tomorrow doing them. This happens when I go out too much and don’t get enough time to myself. Spending 9 hours a day doing something you don’t love is brutal. I read this online somewhere: “They say every cigarette takes away 7 minutes of your life, but every working day takes away 9 hours.” And though it’s a little lame, it’s frighteningly true. you spend some of the most productive hours of your day with nothing to show at the end. I need time, so I’m going to take my time for a while. And I’m going to take this one day at a time. I need to clear my head. I’m going to try sleeping again now, and not think about tomorrow.

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