Day 35: Live Cheap Week

I went to Atlantic City this weekend. It was fun. It wasn’t insane, it was fun. Atlantic City is about 2-3 hours away from New York, depending on traffic. It has a bunch of casinos and it’s on a beach. It’s the primary weekend getaway destination from New York. I didn’t really have much money in my pocket when I got there and when I went to an ATM and tried to withdraw $200 it told me that I didn’t have enough balance. When I tried to withdraw $100, it at least did that and told me I have $24 left in my account. Now this means that I spent my entire first month’s allowance in a little over one month. Yes, it has been more than a month and I should have got paid my second month’s allowance by now, but I haven’t. And yes, I did buy a guitar and spend about $400 on it, but lets not get distracted here. The point is that I’ve been spending way too much money eating and drinking in expensive places and going for concerts in far away places without having a plan to get back home and then spending $50 on a cab. There was only one concert and it was Flyleaf and it was totally worth it, but the problem that I’m broke still exists. And so, the plan is to live cheap for the next one week. I should survive until the end of Friday with $100. Wish me luck.

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