A life where I sleep at 5am and wake up in the afternoon feels very different from a life in which I wake up before 10am. The time after midnight has a sense of mystery around it. I think it’s because I’ve seen so little of it compared to the rest of the time I’ve spent alive. That mysetery and novelty still remains even though I’ve pushed back the boundry and explored more of the night over the years. Change is welcome, more often than not, in lives as regular as the ones we live these days. And something as small as staying up through most of the night everyday can feel like I’m living in a different, parallel world. Even this city seems so much more habitable at night. Without the crowds and the sun beating down on us, with empty roads that make distances seem small and with silence enough to hear our own thoughts, this parallel Night-Bombay is quite a nice place to live. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough and the air’s clean and the sky’s clear you’ll be able to see a decent number of stars past all the ambient light. Already the newspaper boys are stacking up their papers to make their morning run, kitchen lights are coming on, and people are getting out for their morning walks. Night-Bombay is closing. Soon it’ll be twilight, then it’ll be morning and around twenty million people will wake up and return this city to chaos.

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