I have to admit, this target of writing a blog post everyday is hard. This is the tenth day since I decided I would write a blog post everyday and this is the sixth post. Six posts is more than a part of me expected. I knew from the beginning that writing 20 posts in 32 days is a reasonable measure of success. It’s hard because not only do I have to think of a theme to keep a blog post coherent that other people wouldn’t mind reading about, I also have to find about an hour a day to sit down and write. So far, the former has been harder. Taking time to write has largely been eating into my sleeping time. (Sleeping less has become harder due to the lack of any form of coffee other than instant coffee in my house and therefore sleeping has also been eating into my working time.)

I usually end up deciding the theme of my blog in the shower. I know a large number of people would agree with me about the shower being a place to gather your thoughts, reminisce about your day, and plan the rest of it out. The rest of you probably have cold water showers. I think it also adds to this that I usually have a shower in the evening instead of the morning. I always tell people that this is because it’s more important to feel clean in bed than in the morning since you then spend more amount of time feeling clean and also, how much can you dirty yourself while in bed? You should still feel clean in the morning. Although I think another reason is that I would not have enough to think about in the shower in the morning. It would be a waste to spend twenty minutes cleaning myself when my mind is blank. 

The place you do all of this thinking doesn’t have to be a shower. What’s important is that you’re doing something, preferably standing up, that you do so often that you can carry it out subconsciously. It’s important to be able to do this activity subconsciously to free your mind enough to think about what’s really on your mind, and it’s important for this activity to be done standing up because otherwise you’ll either be falling asleep or there just won’t be enough blood going to your head for you to get any real thinking done. This is why I also get a lot of thinking done when running and I don’t listen to music while running that often anymore since the music restricts the free thought. This is also why you go out for a walk when you can’t get any fresh perspective on something. This is also why I need to stand up and bounce a ball off the walls of my room when I really need to think about something. I decided a long time ago that if I ever get to decide the work culture of the office I work in, one of the things I will do is make sure that there are more smiley yellow sponge balls in the office than people so that anyone can throw them around whenever they feel like.

I find it surprising that I’m writing a blog post today since I haven’t showered in over 30 hours now.

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